Imagine the freedom of lasting effortless makeup, everyday! Make your life easier with permanent eyebrows, permanent eyeliner or permanent lip color. Enjoy “wash and wear” makeup that looks natural or glamorous depending on your own personal preference.

Gone are the days of having to pencil in or draw on your eyebrows, trying to get that eyeliner straight and having to re-apply lip color all day. With the application of permanent makeup you can free you of these time consuming and often frustrating applications in your daily routine.

* Those with sparse or non-existent eyebrows as a result of over tweezing, alopecia or receiving chemotherapy treatments

* Clients with poor eyesight or an unsteady hand who have a difficult time applying make-up effectively

* Active people & sports enthusiasts who want to look great but don’t want to wear conventional make-up such as runners, swimmers, boaters

* People who have skin sensitivities, oily skin or are
allergic to conventional cosmetics

* Busy clients who just don’t have enough hours in the day, and desire the freedom from daily make-up

* Contact lens users

* Those seeking to correct asymmetrical facial features

* Those who want to look good all day, every day with minimal effort

As a Professional Freelance Permanent Cosmetic Specialist I am 100% dedicated to working exclusively in the field of permanent cosmetics. This in turn gives you the added reassurance that you are dealing with a professional and dedicated specialist.

I'll be happy to discuss your personal requirements and fully answer all of your questions with professionalism and discretion. Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect of my work. Call to book your free, no-obligation consultation.

I offer permanent makeup at several locations throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. Click on the "Locations" tab to see which one is closest to you.